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Grant Aid - Application Form and Guidance Notes


Grant Aid to Organisations

Please carefully read the following before completing the application form:

1.         Grants, in the main, will only be made to those voluntary / non profit making organisations based within the boundaries of Denbigh Town Council.

2.         The council, however, has discretion, in exceptional circumstances, to consider organisations situated outside the town, if it can be demonstrated that the grant applied for will benefit the people of Denbigh, directly or indirectly.

3.         In accordance with  Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972, private individuals cannot be considered for financial assistance.

4.         Grant applications must be presented by using the appropriate application form, together with a copy of relevant balance sheets and/or a statement of accounts. 3 quotations are required for specific items. Applications must be submitted no later than the 1st of the month that the grant will be presented to the Environment and Finance meeting. Any applications received after the 1st of the month will be deferred to the next month.

            No application should be submitted without supporting documents

5.         Applicants should note that grants will only be considered for a specific project or projects to be undertaken by the organisation

6.         In order to ensure that there is sufficient funding to cover all grant aid application received during the current financial year, the town council has stipulated that a ceiling of 1,500 be placed on each application.  However, following careful scrutiny and if need be, additional information sought, that consideration for larger grants than 1,500 could be considered if the application, following scrutiny justified the larger grant. The Town Council will allow up to 80% of the total cost of the event or activity. It is advantageous to the application that fund raising events take place to assist with the funding required.

7.         Under the Provision of S.137 if any grants allowed by Denbigh Town Council exceed 1,000 applicants must submit a written report on how the money was spent.

            The report must be provided to Denbigh Town Council within 6 months of the completion of the event / project the report can take the form of an annual report or a set of accounts which clearly identify the manner of spending. Failure to submit the report or set of accounts may have an impact on future applications.

To download a Grant Aid Application Form click here




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