Walled Towns Friendship Circle

Five Towns Link: Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Chester, Conwy, Denbigh.

When the original four towns (Caernarfon, Chester, Conwy & Denbigh) became individual members of the Circle in the early 1990’s, it soon became apparent to each of them that there would be an advantage in the formation of a local branch of the Circle, a link.

The idea was discussed at each of the four Councils and the potential of four unique walled towns, lying within 60 miles of each other, all working together in a joint promotional way and sharing good practices together and inside the Circle, became very apparent and attractive.

All four towns agreed to join together in what was the first such link in the Circle’s short history. In July 1993 a unique ceremony took place at Caernarfon Castle, where the four Mayors signed a Charter of Co-operation to work together for the joint benefit of all four communities. In 2002 a fifth member, Beaumaris joined and made the Link an even stronger unit.

Since then the strong bond between the five towns has grown and developed and link representatives meet four or five times a year in Conwy (the mid point) to plan and arrange joint ventures, including:-

  • Joint promotional leaflets circulating world wide
  • Joint cultural events eg Concerts with performers from all five towns
  • Joint sporting events eg Annual Five Towns Vintage/Classic Car Run and Annual Five Towns Golf Tournament
  • Joint economic co-operation in partnering each other in Euro funding bids
  • Joint promotional work for the Circle in all five towns

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